Workspaces are collaboration spaces in Onna that allow you to:

  • add members with different roles to collaborate in the workspace
  • easily search across and share data sources
  • export saved searches or entire data sources 

To create a workspace head to the menu on the left-hand side and click Workspaces. You can also click the add button by hovering over Workspaces.  

If you have existing workspaces you'll be able to see a list of them by opening the menu. 

Click Add Workspace. You’ll then be asked to name it and select whether you'd like to use a template. 

Once you’ve created your workspace, you'll be taken to the workspace home page. Note: Workspaces are always private unless you give someone permissions to see the files within. 

The first screen will prompt you to add a source to get started. 

From this screen you can also access the workspace information panel. 

This panel contains a quick summary of the members, files and sources in your workspace. From here you can

  • Add other members 
  • View the total number of files in a workspace 
  • View the overall workspace details

From the home screen, there are a few more options on the menu bar. You can 

  • Rename the workspace
  • Add a new member 
  • Add a new source 
  • Delete the workspace 
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