Filters can be used to reduce your search results in Onna. They're found on the left-hand side of the results screen 

Filters can be configured to your preferences. Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the page to see the filters available. 

  • Creation Date: Helps you filter files by their creation date using a time range
  • Source: The sources that exist within Onna. The number of files in each source is displayed beside the name. Click the three dots on the bottom right-hand corner to see the rest of the options available. 

  • User: Filter down by content from different users. The number of files you have permissions to see from each user is displayed beside the email 

  • Category: This contains pre-trained classification models 
  • Extension: Filter by type of document (e.g. pdf, jpg, etc.)
  • Label: This is where you can filter by any labels you've added within Onna

  • Groups: Filters by Groups in Onna 

  • Exceptions: Lists files with any exceptions

You can choose whether these are visible or not within your filters by clicking on the eye icon. You can also drag and drop them in your order of preference with the two bars on the left-hand side

Remember to save any configuration changes you've made by click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. 

If you're looking for a specific source, user or any type of filter, use the search bar available above all filters.

Note: Some of these filters are only available if you're searching across all of your files. For instance, the Groups filter will not be available if you're conducting the search from within a specific group. 

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