Views were developed to help users quickly find common types of information. One can access the different views available in Onna through the results page by hitting enter or by searching for a term through the main search bar. 

Once you're on the results page, you'll see the type of view on the right-hand side, as demonstrated below. 

Types of views available:

  • Standard
  • Image
  • Discussion
  • Contract 
  • Custom 

Standard View
Standard view has the following columns for filters as default: 

  • Title
  • Owner
  • Source
  • File creation 

This is the view you would use to conduct most searches. 

Image View
Image view is a default search for images. The view automatically filters to image file types. Image view defaults to the following columns: 

  • Title
  • Extension
  • File Size
  • Owner 

Discussion View
Discussion view is a default search for conversations. The view automatically filters to conversation and email file types. Discussion view defaults to the following columns: 

  • Title
  • Email from
  • Email to
  • File Creation

Contract View (BETA)
Contract view is a default search for contracts using Onna's pretrained contract model. The view automatically filters to files that are above 50% confidence rating and selects document and image types. Contract view defaults to the following columns: 

  • Title
  • Contract confidence %
  • File creation

Custom View
Custom view is for users to set up with their preferences on columns used to filter. Custom view defaults to the following columns: 

  • Title
  • Extension
  • File size
  • Owner 

Use the menu on the search results to configure the columns that are visible. Click on the menu button on the right-hand side as demonstrated below: 

This will open a drop down that will allow you to select the different fields available in Onna. 

The columns that you choose will be saved as preferences and will be available the next time you use the custom view. 

Results Display
Results can be displayed in 3 ways, you can adjust how the results are displayed by clicking on the display view button:

  • List: List of results that will display resource name, parent workspace / source / file as links, creation date, resource summary and some metadata. By default all of these information are displayed but the view can be compressed by using the contextual menu on the toolbar.

  • Table: Will provide an image of the file type and display the columns that are used in standard, image, discussion, contract, or custom view type. Columns shown are dependent on the view selected

  • Grid: A grid of cards will appear representing the resource. When possible the cards view will show a preview of the image for files that are returned by the search. The preview will be shown for document, image, and internet file types.

Custom Views FAQ
Can I save the selections on filter types on the left-hand side as part of the custom view?
Our custom view works only works with columns for now. Stay tuned for enhancements in Q3 2019.

Can I save multiple custom views?
Onna stores one custom view now but is planning to roll out multiple views in the future.

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