What's Onna’s Enterprise Discovery Plan?

Enterprise Discovery is the first self service e-discovery and collection platform. It is ideal for customers looking to manage subsets of data or for short term discovery projects. We offer a free 30-day limited trial.

Does Onna offer a free trial?

Yes! Onna offers a free 30 day limited trial. This includes 100 MB of processed data, which is defined as the data uploaded and indexed in Onna. To start a free trial or a subscription, you’ll need to create an account. You won’t be charged during the 30-day trial.

What happens if I upgrade my trial to a paid plan?

At the end of your trial period or once your upgrade to your paid subscription, your data will be deleted and your Onna environment will be reset. Trials are intended to orient you to Onna and are not recommended for full production use. To learn how to upgrade your trial account, click here.

How much will my subscription cost?

Pricing is based on the number of connected sources. A connected source is defined as an individual custodian whose data is collected from a single source like Slack, Quip, or Gmail. Use our pricing toggle to find your custom plan’s cost on our pricing page.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes! You can cancel your account anytime. Account Managers can go to the My Plan panel and click “Manage My Plan”. From there you can choose to Cancel Your Account. Please remember that deleting your account will trigger your data and resources to be deleted. For additional questions, please reach out to us at support@onna.com.

What is a connected source?

Connected sources are based on an individual custodian whose data is collected from a single source like Slack, Quip, or Gmail. One connected data source equals one data source per custodian. For example, if you connect 10 Gmail accounts and 10 Slack users, this counts as 20 connected sources. Learn more about how collections work for each connected source here.

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