Onna's platform is a powerful search tool that enables cross-platform search across all your applications. In this article, we'll walk you through a regular search across your Onna Workspaces and data sources.

Onna provides powerful search options for users. The platform allows users to search within each individual data source, within an individual workspace, or across all your workspaces to provide granular and comprehensive search. 

In this article we will discuss search suggestions, the search results view, search results preview, and highlighted search text so that you can search across your files with ease.

Search suggestions in the Search bar

Onna automatically allows you to filter your search terms by file types including: documents, PDFs, emails, conversations, spreadsheets, and presentations (a list of file formats searched is included below) or by modified date before performing your search. This allows users to refine searches with specific file types or data ranges.

Search Suggestion File Formats - Extended List

"doc", "docx", "gdoc", "odt", "pages", "one", "rtf", "txt","pdf", "wpd", "wps"

"eml", "emlx", "pst", "ost", "msg", "email"

"csv", "gsheet", "numbers", "ods", "ots", "sxc", "stc", "xls","xlsx"

"key", "keynote", "gslides", "odp","ppt", "pptx"

To use search suggestions, simply hover over the search bar and a drop down menu will appear with your options as indicated below. 

Onna Search Results View

Your search results will populate immediately once you begin your search. The Onna Search Results view includes an intuitive interface as shown below. Each search result includes the file name, date created, workspace, data source, summary text, and file size.

Search Preview

In the search results view, click a search result to get the summary of the file. Click once to see your file summary on the right-hand side of the results as shown below. This makes it easier for users to quickly scan individual files without having to open the file.

Click a search result twice to open the file page. 

Highlighted Search Text 

Once you open your file, you will see your search term highlighted in the extracted text as indicated below.

Refresh Search Results

Onna will only have search results from the point in time when the search was ran by the user. The search results displayed will not automatically update with the latest files synced. In order to retrieve the latest results you can rerun the search by clicking the ellipsis in the search bar and selecting 'Refresh'.

What is the default sort order for search results?
If there are search terms, it’s the relevance score. If there are no search terms, it’s the date created.

Does the search bar query ALL metadata fields when running a search?
Searching in the search bar will search across all indexed text fields. If you need to specify a field to search on try using our Advanced Search.

When should I use basic search instead of advanced search?
Basic search can be used when only simple search terms are sufficient and you do not need to specify metafields to search on.  Basic search also allows you to use search modifiers such as OR & AND

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