Adding a Data Source

To add a data source inside the 'Add new source' button in the home screen of the workspace. 

This will take you through the authentication workflow for any of the sources available to the user.  

When you add a folder, they'll be shown at the top section of the workspace 

Connected Sources have their own subsection. 

Viewing the workspace details

Workspace details can now be viewed at a glance. To view workspace details, first head to the information button on the workspace menu as demonstrated below

Clicking on the details button will reveal the following panel with a summary of the workspace information. 

Here one can see

  • the number of members and the type of Workspace user (by hovering over each user)
  • The total size of the workspace 
  • Number of files in the workspace
  • The folders and connections (view when expanded shows the status of each source)
  • Date the workspace was created
  • Date the workspace was last updated 

To close, click on the X at the right hand side. 

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