Can you pause a sync?

Once a source sync starts it cannot be paused or modified. You are able to delete a source in the middle of the initial sync if there is a need to start it over.

After the initial sync completes, if a source is set to auto-sync you can stop further syncs from starting. You will not be able to re-sync the source again once this option is selected. To stop auto-syncing click on the source's options icon and select stop further syncs:

What timezone is data processed after syncing?

Data is processed in coordinated universal time (UTC).

If you make end date of a one time sync to "today's date" does the syncing continue until the day is over?

Data is synced up to the day's time the initial sync started. The sync does not continue throughout the day until the day is officially over.

How often will sources sync if set to auto-sync?

Auto-sync continues to sync at regular intervals that are typically between 20 - 30 minutes.

Can you sync multiple sources simultaneously?

Yes, you can have more than one source syncing at the same time. 

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