Workspaces are collaboration spaces in Onna that allow you to:

  • add members with different roles to collaborate in the workspace

  • easily search across and share data sources

  • export saved searches or entire data sources 

For a short video overview of how to create a workspace, please see below:

To create a workspace head to the menu on the left-hand side and click Workspaces. You can also click the add button by hovering over Workspaces.  

If you have existing workspaces you'll be able to see a list of them by opening the menu. 

Click Add Workspace. You’ll then be asked to name it and select whether you'd like to use a template. Individual users in Onna can also be granted access to the workspace by clicking on the 'Add people' field. Permissions for the workspace can be adjusted by clicking on the 'Permission' field.

Once you’ve created your workspace, you'll be taken to the workspace home page. Note: Workspaces are always private unless you give someone permissions to see the files within. 

The first screen will prompt you to add a source to get started. 

Once you've added sources to your workspace, you can also access the workspace detail panel. 

Viewing the workspace details

Workspace details can now be viewed at a glance. To view workspace details, first head to the information button on the workspace menu at the top righthand side. Clicking on the details button will reveal the following panel with a summary of the workspace information. 

Here one can see:

  • the number of members and the type of Workspace user (by hovering over each user)

  • The total size of the workspace 

  • Number of files in the workspace

  • The folders and connections (view when expanded shows the status of each source)

  • Date the workspace was created

  • Date the workspace was last updated 

To close, click on the X at the right hand side. 

If you need to delete the workspace that was created, click on the three dots action icon from either the Workspaces page or the workspace itself and click the Delete option:

After clicking Delete you will be asked to confirm the removal of the workspace. You are then navigated back to the Workspaces page. 

Note: any sources/files configured inside the workspace will also be removed.

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