Application Name: Name of the application that created the document
Author of the file if available
Extracted from Microsoft Office Documents
File Size:
Size of the file in bytes
File Extension
Date Last Modified:
Date and Time Last Modified
File Name:
Original File Name of the Resource
File Title:
Title of the file
MD5 Hash:
MD5 Hash of the file
Date Created:
Created Date of the file
Other Metadata:
Other Metadata that may be available for the file, in JSON format
Origin URL:
URL of the original file if available
Origin server modified on:
Date modified of the original file
Origin Other Metadata:
Other Metadata that may be available for the file from the Datasource, in JSON format
Origin Filter:
Filter applied in the collection of the original file
Original Resource Object:
The file or content that is downloaded from the original data source

By Source


  • Space ID
  • Space Name
  • Space Type
  • Ancestors for a file
  • List of labels

Conversation (used for Hangouts, Slack, Workplace)

  • Conversation ID
  • Conversation Name
  • Conversation Type

Email (used for Gmail, Outlook, IMAP)

  • Email BCC
  • Email CC
  • Email from
  • Email to
  • Email ID
  • Email Subject
  • Important
  • Starred
  • Labels


  • Parent Folder
  • Path
  • Revision


  • Project Key
  • Project Name
  • Project Type

Related Users (used for Hangouts, Slack, Quip)

  • List of related users

Slack Enterprise

  • Workspace IDĀ 
  • Workspace Name


  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket Name
  • Ticket Type
  • Ticket Status
  • Ticket Responsible
  • Ticket Requester
  • Ticket Priority
  • Organization
  • Group Membership
  • List of Tags

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