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Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that is often part of the Microsoft 365 offering.  Onna supports SharePoint online collections. Onna connects directly with the API to collect all information in native format. The integration collects all data and metadata from an entire SharePoint site.

Integration Features

What is collected?

  • Files stored on the sites 
  • Metadata from those files  

What are your sync modes?

We currently support three syncing modes - one-time, incremental, and auto.

  • One-time is a one-way sync that collects information only once.
  • Archive means that Onna will perform a full sync first and will continuously add any new files generated at the data source. The sync type does not delete files deleted from the data source
  • Auto-sync means that Onna will perform a full sync first and will keep the data source and Onna in mirrored sync. Any deletions from the data source will be deleted in Onna, as well.

Can you export the data?

Yes, you can export data and metadata in eDiscovery ready format. Load files are available in a dat, CSV, or custom text file.

The following metadata fields are exported:

  • Date created - this date is when the file was uploaded to SharePoint
  • Date modified - this date will report when it was last modified in SharePoint
  • Document path

Ready to start collecting from Microsoft SharePoint? 

How to Guide

Click on "Add source" and select Microsoft SharePoint

Click "Connect" on the following screen. That will lead you to the login page for Microsoft 365:

Once you input the user credentials for this source, you'll be asked to verify that Onna has permissions to access documents within this SharePoint. After you accept, you'll be taken to the following page:

  1. Name the source as you'd like it to appear in Onna e.g. if you're syncing a particular SharePoint site, name it after that site 
  2. Select the type of sync you'd like. 
  3. If you've picked one time sync, you can choose the date range you'd like to sync from the source
  4. Click 'Get sites'

That will show you a list of sites available in SharePoint that the user has access to see. Select which sites you'd like to sync or sync all. You can also search for specific sites to filter down the sites to choose from:

Once you clicked "Done", you will see this integration under your Sources page. Onna will start to interact with SharePoint's API and begin to sync files. Files will be processed and indexed so that all is searchable. A source will indicate that it's syncing during this process.

When you click on the SharePoint data source, you will start seeing results being populated.

From this screen you can search for specific keywords or filter by various metadata fields such as  file type and creation date.  

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