You can share a source or single files with users in Onna. This article covers sharing a single file with another user in your Onna instance. 

  1. Find the file that you want to share. Note: although you have files that may show up in your results list because they've been shared with you, sharing options will only be present for those that you have permissions to share.  

  2. Click on the file so that you open the document viewer. An example of file open in our document viewer can be seen below

Now to share the file, there are two options

  • The share icon at the top right of the file 

  • The 'add' icon beside Shared with in the details viewer

Clicking on any of these will open the following window

The toggle on the right-hand side will allow for different options. Note: If your organization has setup only internal sharing then you won't have the option to share with people outside of your Onna instance. 

Select 'External if you're sharing with someone outside of Onna. 

Then either add their user name or email address. You can also share a file or source with a Group. 

Using the dropdown menu undert 'Permissions' you can specify how you'd like for the receiver to be able to interact with the file. 

  • View - Will only allow the other user to see the file in Onna

  • Manage - Will give them sharing and download permissions

  • Edit - Can edit name, description or labels

  • Contribute - Can add content

Use the 'Description' box to add a message to the person you're sharing with - this is optional. 

Once the required fields are filled, select 'Share'. 

You can always check what permissions people or groups have with the file by clicking on 'Manage members' at the bottom left corner. 

That will change to the following screen

From this screen you can change the types of permission that they have with the document and also remove access. 

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