Where can I see a list of integrations that Onna supports?
Easy - view that on our website

How long does it take to collect a source?
Collection times for any given source can differ, from seconds to a few hours, based on the number of files to be synced, the types of files to be synced, and the integration’s specific connection characteristics such as rate limits and throttling. For source-specific information, visit our integrations section. 

Are you able to use Onna to collect from employee desktops/laptops?
Currently, Onna supports uploads directly to the platform. Uploads can be used to include files that should be part of your index on the platform. 

Does Onna identify duplicate documents?
Yes, Onna provides duplicate identification by calculating MD5 hash values. 

Does Onna OCR all image-based files?
Yes, Onna OCRs files as part of its processing pipeline. Currently, OCR is only done in the English language.

Can you run keyword searches in Onna?
Yes, not only can you run keyword searches across the content of the document but you can also run searches across metadata fields. Read this article for more on search in Onna.

 Can you filter searches by date?
Dates are one of the many filters that you can use to narrow your searches in Onna. You can also filter by extension type, source type, keyword, and any of the 100+ metadata fields we support. 

Can you search by author, creator, updated by?
Yes, if those are fields contained by the original documents. Click here for more on searchable metadata fields in Onna. 

Can you extract search results and related information including images and attachments?
Yes, not only does Onna process and index the content from the application that is being connected but also any images and attachments found within. These are processed and indexed separately in their native format. Full metadata extractions will also be processed for attachments and images. 

Can you extract the content of links, instead of keeping them as live links?
Onna can extract the content of links from Confluence when a Confluence source is added to the platform. For links to externals sources i.e. a Confluence link sent in a Slack channel, there is no way currently to extract the content of those links as it would require double authentication. 

Using Onna can you search in real-time across the sources that are connected?
If sources are set up as auto-sync then you will be searching in an index that is as real-time as possible. We update connections every 20-30min depending on what is possible from the API.  

 Can you search across multiple sources?
Yes, that is the beauty of Onna! Once you get your connections set up, you can search across any of the systems that connected in one place. Experience search across Slack, Confluence, Jira, Zendesk, and more through one portal. 

How does Onna handle or report exceptions, i.e. indexing exceptions?
We provide an exceptions report along with the export. You can also use our filters prior to exporting to see files that had exceptions. Below is a screenshot of a sample of exceptions. This includes no text content, files that contain errors files that were excluded from processing, blacklisted files, files that had a download error or any encrypted documents. More information about exceptions can be found here.

To include processing exception values in your exports, the file metadata field Processing exception can be selected:

How does Onna handle PDFs that are password encrypted? Can the platform be used to OCR and search them?
Onna will collect all files from any of the integrations it provides. When it comes to processing and indexing, Onna is processing everything that doesn't need any further permissions. We are unable to extract information from password-encrypted PDFs but if they are collected they can be exported from the platform.  

Does Onna maintain the parent/child relationship for attachments? When exporting from Onna the parent-child relationship is maintained in the load file in the "Group Id" field. The parent file's Control Number is the group identifier of all of the files in the family. For example, Slack conversations exported from Onna attachments in that channel's day will follow the conversation and have that family relationship. Another example could be Quip files,  the attachments should also follow the main file in the export.

The group identifier is automatically exported as part of the load file.

When does Onna begin to process the files that are collected?
We begin processing files as soon as they are collected so that data is available as soon as possible.

Does Onna support files in other languages?
Yes! Onna processes and indexes files in all languages with scripts in Unicode (UTF-8). These include:  Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala, Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Myanmar, Georgian, Hangul, Ethiopic, Cherokee, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, Khmer, Mongolian, Han (Japanese, Chinese, Korean ideographs), Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Yi

Below is a sample search for files including these characters いただきます

It is picking up these files across numerous systems. Opening a PDF with these characters, held in Slack Enterprise, looks like this:

Can Onna exports be loaded into review tools such as Catalyst or Relativity?
Yes, we provide a standard eDiscovery 'dat' load file. Users can also choose to configure their load file to the settings that their review platform requires. 

Can you share exports with other users?
We currently do not support sharing exports with other users. However, you can still share the downloaded files with them outside the Onna application.

Can Onna be used for litigation hold?
Yes, Onna offers a great solution for companies that have to execute litigation hold across single or multiple platforms. Once a source is connected to Onna, it can be placed on legal hold which has given companies the option to use the platform for sources that didn't offer the functionality before.

Where does Onna fit in the EDRM?
Onna is focused on collection, preservation, and processing. Within the EDRM, Onna fits on the left-hand side. 

Does Onna support SSO?
Yes, Onna supports SSO through SAML. Enterprise environments can also be set up as SS) sign-in only. 

What happens if there’s a file that cannot be previewed? Can that file still be exported? Is it subject to search?
When a file can not be displayed due to format a pop-up will still appear stating the file cannot be displayed. If this is the case, you will still be able to export the file from Onna. Files that are too large cannot be previewed but can be downloaded as well as exported and are subject to search.

How does Onna handle files that are password encrypted?
Files that are encrypted, will be available in Onna but will require the user to download the file then provide the password/encryption key.

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