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Workplace from Facebook is a platform for team collaboration. It allows organizations to create groups where teams can discuss projects, manage information, share documents and work together. Onna connects directly with the Facebook Graph API to collect all group posts in native format, as well as relevant metadata. 

Integration Features

Type of Account Needed 

  • To enable a Workplace collection, you'll need a Workplace admin account 
  • Using the Workplace admin account, you'll need to generate a token to be used for the integration. This token will give you access to all groups of the entire Workplace account. 

Files Collected

  • Facebook Group posts 
  • Comments on posts
  • Attachments: notes, file uploads, and photos

Onna's sync modes

We currently support two syncing modes - One-Time Sync and Auto-Sync and Archive.

  • One-time sync: Onna will perform a one-time sync that collects information from the source only once during a specified time range or up until the date the source was added.
  • Auto-Sync and Archive:  Onna will perform a full sync and archive the information collected. Onna will then automatically sync and archive any new information after the initial sync

Data Exports

You can export data and metadata in eDiscovery ready format. Load files are available in a dat, CSV, or custom text file.

The following metadata fields are exported:

  • Group ID 
  • Post URL  
  • Post ID
  • Post created time
  • Post updated time   
  • Post author    
  • Post type

How to add a Workplace collection

From My Sources click on Add new source and select Workplace

On the next screen you'll be able to name your source and provide the required access token the Facebook Workplace admin would need to generate for Onna. You'll then choose the desired sync mode that you'd like to set up for the source.

After providing all the information, select Get Groups. This will show a list of groups available within the organization's Workplace 

You can either choose to select all groups by clicking on Select All or you'll have the option to get more granular and select specific groups to sync. Once the selection has been made and click on Sync and the source will begin to collect.

Once the source starts to populate with data you will be able to search within the source along with filtering results by date range, categories, and/or extensions using the menu on the left.  

Accessing audit logs

On the same results page clicking on the information icon on the top right will take you to the source details where you can see how many files the source has and its size. In this same panel, you can scroll down and select the Audits button to see the source's collection audit logs.

You can learn more about accessing and navigating the the source's collection audit logs in this article.

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