Happy Fall! As part of our November's roundup, Onna is excited to share our latest product updates, which include enhancements to our Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Slack Enterprise collection workflows. Our search and filter functionalities have also been updated to help you find information more easily. 

New Collection Flows for: Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Slack

When you add either of these as a source, you'll be taken through a new workflow meant to simplify the experience. 

Enhancements include: a pre-populated Data Source name, which you may customize if needed, default sync options to auto sync & archive, which you may modify by clicking on configure, and better filtering for large volume accounts.  

Slack Enterprise moves to the user dashboard (for admins) 

If you're an admin on Onna, you'll now be able to add Slack Enterprise from the user dashboard.

Once you're an admin and have Slack Enterprise available on Onna, you'll see it available as a source and add it straight from the user dashboard. Please note you'll need to have the Discovery API enabled on your Slack account to use the Onna integration. 

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Additional sorting options
Data sources can now be sorted by 

  • Name

  • Date last added

  • Date last synced  

Read more about source options

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