Sources are the connections that users can set up to external platforms.

Adding a Source
If this is the first time that you're adding a source, you're screen will have one main action item for you to get started:

Click on Add new source to see the sources you have available. These can change based on your company's preferences and your role in Onna. Certain sources are only available to admins. 

Select any of the sources to go through adding an account. For further details on each of these go to our Integrations page. 

Source Status
Once you add a source, you'll see the source card begin to go through different stages 

  • The dotted circle indicates when the source is initiating the collection
  • The dotted circle with the checkmark indicates when the source has finished collecting files but is still processing files 
  • The full circle with the checkmark indicates when a source has finished collecting files and is at least 80% finished processing files 
  • The pause symbol indicates when a source has been paused. Note:  only available for source added through Onna's eDiscovery app. 
  • The alert symbol indicates something has gone wrong with the sync. Errors can be related to the original source API not allowing a connection, an error with authentication, or an error while processing a file. 

Apart from showing the status while syncing, once a source has completed it first sync it will show these details at the top of the card 

Source Options
When you hover over a source, you'll see a menu symbol appear on the right hand side

Clicking on the menu will show you the following options for sources where you're an owner:

  • View Details - This will take you to a details page for the source where you can see the source type, sync mode, sync time range, date added to Onna, date last synced, total size and total number of files 
  • Share - Selecting this option will open a modal that allows you to share the source with a user or workspace. 
  • Rename - Use this option to rename your source
  • Resync - This option should only be used if the source has shown an error after a couple of files. Resyncs will start a sync from scratch so any files previously available will be deleted 
  • Move to a workspace - This transfers ownership from you to a workspace. Once you do this you'll no longer be able to delete the source from your sources page 
  • Delete - This deletes the source and the files within it. This action is irreversible. 

Sorting Preference
All users can select their preference on how to sort their sources.

To change your viewing preference click on Sorted by: on the top right hand corner. You have the option to sort by: 

  • Date added: This option will show the newest source you've added at the top of the page 
  • Date last synced: This option will update every time a source syncs to show you the source with the newest information added
  • Name: This option sorts your sources by alphabetical order 

Select one to sort by that option. Your preference will be saved for next time. You can do this with your sources or sources shared with you. 

Sources in 'Shared with Me'
Sources that have been shared with you can be accessed from the tab on the right of My Sources

You'll be able to see when they were last synced. You can also view source details depending on your permissions. 

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