As part of our December roundup, Onna is excited to share our latest product updates, which include enhancements to our upload and Quip collection workflows. We’ve also given our Workspaces a makeover, developed custom views for search results and have implemented a way to collect future
channels from Slack. All in time before the holidays!

Slack and Slack Enterprise can now capture future channels

When setting up Slack or Slack Enterprise sources on auto-sync and archive, you can now enable the collection of future channels. When a new channel is created on the Slack account, it will automatically be added to Onna platform as long as the source is setup as auto-sync and archive. This will be the default for all sources created after December 2018.

Learn more about Onna's Slack and Slack Enterprise integrations. 

New Collection Flows for: Quip and Upload 

When you add either of these as a source, you'll be taken through a new workflow meant to simplify the experience. 

For Quip enhancements include: a pre-populated Data Source name, which you may customize if needed, and default sync options to auto sync & archive, which you may modify by clicking on configure.

Upload now opens a modal where you can drag + drop new files you’d like to add to the platform.  

Workspaces receive a makeover 

We listened to your feedback on enhancements for Workspaces. Now Onna’s collaboration spaces have:

  • A space for descriptions

  • A quick summary on the number of files from all sources 

  • A general summary page on sources and members in the details section

Read more regarding Onna's workspace makeover 

Custom views

Onna indexes and processes mountains of information from the data added to the platform. We want search to give you as much of this as possible without being overwhelming. Based on user feedback, we’re experimenting with custom views for the results of different file types. We’ve started with a couple views that you can switch between that include:

  • Standard

  • Images

  • Contracts (beta)

  • Custom (your saved preferences)

Read more about how to use different views for search

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