Onna uses notifications to let users know when certain actions have happened in relation to their account. These notifications can be accessed by navigating to the bell icon on the top right hand corner. If you have unread notifications you'll see a circle with the number of unread notifications. 

Clicking on the notification icon will open the following panel: 

Here you can browse through information regarding your connected source, workspaces or files that have been shared with you. You can also mark all notifications as read.

Currently, Onna provides notifications for when:

  • An connected source has finished syncing

  • A user has been added to a workspace 

  • An export has completed and is ready for download 

  • A file has been shared with the user

  • A connected source has had an error during syncing 

Additionally users can receive email notifications when certain actions, such as syncing or exporting, complete. Here's an example of a notification sent to the user's email informing them their sync has finished:

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