Happy New Year! As part of our January's roundup, Onna is excited to share our latest product updates, which include enhancements to our Dropbox and Dropbox Business integrations - specifically the addition of Dropbox Paper! Our search and filter functionalities have also been updated to help you find information more easily.

Dropbox & Dropbox Enterprise Paper doc support

Onna now supports the collection of Dropbox Paper documents for our Dropbox and Dropbox Business integrations. Paper files are collected as HTML and if your source is set to auto-sync they also are updated each time the source syncs.

Notifications have a new format to help you quickly catch up on updates to your sources. 

Notifications have now been created to let you know:

  • When a source has completed syncing

  • When you’ve been added to a workspace 

  • When an export or zip file download is ready

  • A file has been shared with you

  • Alert you when a source has had trouble syncing

Modifiers have been improved for a better search experience 

Check out how to use proximity search and other types of filters through the search bar.

Sync a report of the trash contents in Box

There is now an option to create an excel file listing the contents of the trash folder in Box.

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