As part of our February roundup, Onna is excited to share our latest product updates, which include enhancements to our Workspace, new export options, and the ability to sync multiple projects in JIRA.  

Workspace Redesign
We've updated how information is displayed in workspaces. Workspaces are now featured more prominently in the main menu. The home page separate out folders and connected sources, and it has an updated information panel.
Check out our article on how to use workspaces for eDiscovery.

Original file names now available through exports
Onna offers three types of exports. When you choose the export option to create a report and download files, the default will now be to include files with their original name. You can also choose to include original file names with the eDiscovery export through the configuration screen.  

Multiple project selection in JIRA
Users syncing JIRA sources can now select multiple projects at a time. 

Updated user roles & permissions
Onna now offers three types of users: admins, regular users and guests.
Check out our article that summarizes the different permissions for each. 

Search terms are highlighted in extracted text
You can now open the extracted text of a file to see where you search terms from the search bar are.

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