Spring is here! As part of our March Roundup, Onna is springing forward with new features and product updates including enhancements to Dropbox Business and Outlook collections, updated notifications for Jira and Confluence, and overall search performance improvements in the Onna platform.

New collection flow for Dropbox Business
Save time during your Dropbox Business collection with the ability to manually add a specific user(s) at the beginning of your collection. This workflow enhancement will let you zero in on the exact collections you need.

Learn more about Onna's Dropbox Business integration.

Dropbox Business data source migrates to the user platform
If you’re a user in Onna, you’ll now be able to add Dropbox Business from the user platform. Collect your entire Dropbox Business enterprise data source or manually add specific users to your collection at any time. Please note you will need an admin account on Dropbox to access this data source.

Outlook collection enhancements
With your Outlook account, you can now include subfolders as part of your collection workflow.  Easily collect from your entire Outlook account or build more targeted collections for specific folders and subfolders preservation and search strategy

Learn about Onna's Outlook integration.

Password notifications for Jira and Confluence
For Jira and Confluence users with password expiration policies, the Onna platform will now prompt you if new password credentials are needed.  

Learn more about notifications.

Improved Search Performance
Onna has migrated to Elasticsearch 6 bringing speed, reliability, and future proofing enhancements that will continue to improve the overall experience and scalability.

Learn more about Onna's Enterprise Search solution.

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