Twitter is a popular online news source and social media channel. Onna integrates with Twitter’s API to collect all relevant data and metadata from a Twitter user’s account including tweets, retweets, attachments, and direct messages in native format.

Integration Features

Type of Account Needed

To enable a Twitter collection, you will need a user's account on Twitter.

We sync the following types of content:

  • Tweets

  • Retweets

  • Direct Messages (dms)

  • Attachments owned by the user

Onna Sync Modes

We currently support two sync modes for this integration - one-time and Auto-sync & archive.

  • One-time is a one-way sync that collects information only once.

  • Auto-sync & archive means that Onna will perform a full sync first and will continuously add any new files generated at the data source. The sync type does not delete files deleted from the data source

Data Exports

You can export data and metadata in eDiscovery ready format. Load files are available in a dat file, CSV, or custom text file.

How to Guide

For this integration, you'll need access to Onna's user panel which is available to our Enterprise users. 

Once within the user panel, click on Sources and click 'Add new source'. Select Twitter.

This will open the following modal window for Twitter.

The first section covers the Source name. This is the name of your source in Onna. We've pre-filled it with the name of the source you're adding however this is entirely customizable.  

The next section allows you to specify what you'd like to sync from Twitter. You can choose to collect the user account tweets, retweets, and likes and/or direct messages. 

Note: Onna can only collect the last 3,200 tweets and DM's only 30 days back from the time of the collection due to Twitter's API limitation.

Under advanced options we have the sync type. If you'd like to change any of the configuration that is demonstrated, click on the wheel on the right-hand side to configure.

Click Confirm and you will be taken through Twitter's OAuth flow where you'll be giving permissions to Onna to collect files from that user's account.

Within the source, you'll see results beginning to populate.

Tweets in Onna

On the left hand side you have the html file of your tweet. You can see tweet, links provided in the tweet, any hashtags and date [YYYYMMDD]

Each tweet contains the tweet content, links, hashtags, attachments and the time and date stamp (UTC) the tweet was published.  

Twitter Attachments in Onna

The second message demonstrates the example of an attachment that has been shared in Twitter. Onna offers a link to view the attachment with the original tweet by using the tab on the right. The attachment will open in its native format, in this case in html. 

Back in the results screen, you are able to filter results by date range, file type, and/or labels using the menu on the left.  

From that same screen, you can also sort by different columns and choose other metadata fields to sort by using the toggle on the right hand side. 

Clicking on the information icon on the top right will take you to the source details where you can see how many files it has and its size. 

Learn how to see the source's collection audit logs in this article.


Does Onna have the ability to collect replies for a Tweet?

Only replies made by the account the collection is being performed for will sync into Onna.

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