As part of our April roundup, Onna is making it rain with a brand new integration and several game-changing product updates for customers including a Twitter user integration, new collection workflows for Slack Enterprise Grid, Confluence, and Jira, workspace templates, search enhancements and more in the Onna platform.

New Integration: Twitter

Twitter is a popular online news source and social media channel. Onna integrates with Twitter’s API to collect all relevant data and metadata from a Twitter user’s account in native format.

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New Collection flow: User-based collections for Slack Enterprise Grid

When setting up your Slack Enterprise Grid collection you now have the option to start with a user-based collection.

A user-based collection allows you to begin by targeting specific Slack users and channels they've joined using Slack's Audit Logs API. The Audit Logs API allows you to collect audit records from March 2018 onwards when those records were made available in Slack. This option allows for more targeted collections in tandem with your Workspace-based collections that leverages Slack's Discovery API. Both collection options offer comprehensive e-discovery and preservation options for your Slack Enterprise Grid data source.

New Collection flows: Confluence and JIRA

When you add either of these data sources, you'll be taken through a new, faster workflow that gives you the option to collect from Atlassian hosted and non-Atlassian hosted accounts for a broader scope of data source collection options.

New collection flows for Confluence and JIRA include: A pre-populated and customizable data source name, the option to collect from both Atlassian hosted and non-Atlassian hosted Confluence and JIRA accounts, default sync options which you may modify and configure to filter by specific Confluence spaces or JIRA projects respectively.

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Create a Workspace from a template
Create Workspaces from an existing template with our new Save a Workspace as a template feature. Saving templated Workspaces allows you to preserve folder structures and user participants, minimizing set-up and configuration time when starting a project or preparing a data collection. Design and replicate your preferred Workspace configurations for future use and build more customize collaboration workspaces with Onna.

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Enhanced Search Features
Onna now provides a more robust search experience with the following enhancements:

Search Suggestions in the Search Bar: Refine your search results with the ability to target specific file types or "modified by" data ranges in the search bar. Build searches faster and find what you need in less time.

New Search Results View: Scan your search results with ease using Onna's new and more intuitive UI for search results. Search results are now organized to include: file name, date created, workspace origin, data source, summary text, and file size for better visibility and faster clarity.

Preview Search Results with one click: In the search results, you can now click each result once for a preview of each file. Get a full summary without opening files individually. Use this feature to scan your results faster as your parse through your collection results. 

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