Onna's "Pay As You Go" is our self-service e-discovery and collection platform. "Pay As You Go" allows for faster collections and one-time discovery projects that scale up with your needs.

Your "Pay As You Go" account makes it easy to add users to your Onna account, create Workspaces, and sync a data source all within minutes. Share your workspaces and data source(s) with team members and/or outside counsel to drive productivity and minimize costs. In this article, we'll discuss how to set up your "Pay As You Go" account once you've logged in for the first time. To get started, we highly suggest using the Chrome browser for the best experience.

When you log in to Onna for the first time, you will see the Welcome message on your user dashboard. From here, you can click the links below the welcome image to invite users to your account and create a workspace. You will need to create a workspace before adding your first data source. Additionally, you will need to invite users to your workspaces to share data sources.

Invite Users to your Enterprise Discovery Account

First, you will need to invite users to your Enterprise Discovery account in order to share workspaces with them in the future.

From the user dashboard, click Invite users as shown below.
Note: Your Onna account has two full user account and unlimited guest accounts. Additional full user accounts can be purchased.

The user modal will pop up giving you the option to add an additional user(s) by typing in their email address. 

Note: You will group your user(s) by permission level in this modal. This means you can only select one role type when adding users. You can always manage/edit/remove your user(s) permissions in the Manage Members modal.  

Onna User Permissions
Onna offers three user-based roles at the Onna level: Admin, User, and Guest. 

Note: The Account holder is the original user that set up the Enterprise Discovery account. In addition to billing permissions, the Account holder has admin privileges.

Account holder

  • Original user that created the Onna account

  • Can add & delete Onna users as well as change user permissions of other users

  • Can upgrade or cancel the Onna account

  • Can edit billing details


  • Can add & delete Onna users as well as change permissions of other users


  • Can create workspaces

  • Can add data sources to a workspace 


  • Can view files in sources that are shared in the workspace 

Once you've made your decision on your user(s) role hit Add. Those users will receive an email from Onna inviting them to create a username and password in your account.

You can update Onna user permissions or remove users from in the Manage Members modal. On the menu, simply go to Manage Members. You have the option to update role types, remove, or add new users.

Add, Manage, or Delete Users 

Admin users can add additional users or manage Onna user permissions at any time. To add or delete users or manage permissions, head to the main menu and click Manage Members

In the Invite and Add user modal, you can add additional users with role-based permissions to your account. To manage current users click Manage Members at the bottom left as indicated below.

From this modal, you can view current users in your Onna account as well as their role and permission level. To edit permissions or remove a user from the account, simply hover over the drop-down next to the user's email address as indicated below.

Create your first Workspace

Once you've invited other users to your Enterprise Discovery account, you'll want to start building Workspaces for collaboration. Onna allows users to create Workspaces for organizing data sources, sharing information for early case assessment, and collaborating with teams. Your Onna Workspace allows you to:

  • invite Onna users with different roles

  • easily search across and share data sources

  • export saved searches or entire data sources 

To create a workspace head to the menu on the left-hand side and click Workspaces. You can also click on the Workspace icon on your homepage or by clicking on the add button by hovering over Workspaces.  

If you have existing workspaces you'll be able to see a list of them by opening the menu.

Click Add Workspace. You’ll then be asked to name it and select any user you want to share it with.

Once you’ve created your workspace, you'll be taken to the workspace home page. The first screen will prompt you to add your first source as indicated below.

Add a Data Source
Once you've added users to your account and created a workspace, you can then add your first data source to sync. 

To add a data source click 'add your first source' at the bottom of the home screen of the workspace. You will then be prompted to choose a data source to sync.

This will take you through the authentication workflow for any of the sources available to the user.  

Note: For "Pay As You Go" trial accounts, you have up to 100MB of data processed for any data source. To learn how to upgrade your trial account to a paid plan click here.

When you sync any data source, they'll be shown at the top section of the workspace as indicated below.

Your data source will begin syncing with Onna. Click on the data source icon to view available files as they begin to sync. When your data source sync has completed, you will receive an email notification from Onna as well as an alert in your notification panel. 

Invite Onna Users to a Workspace

Once you have created your data sources in your Workspace, you may want to invite other users to Onna to collaborate and share data sources.

Note: Only active users in Onna can share files, connected sources, or join Workspaces. A new user must validate their account after receiving their invitation via email. Once they’ve activated their Onna account, the new users can share files, connected sources, or join Workspaces.  

To share a Workspace with users, head to the Workspace and click the three dots and "Share" at the top right hand corner as shown below.

This will open the Workspace user modal where you can invite current Users in your Onna account as shown below.

Note: If you have not invited a user to your Onna account you cannot invite them to a Workspace.

Workspace User Permissions
There are three user permission types within Onna Workspaces: Manage, Edit, View. 

Note: The Workspace user permission mirror the Onna user role permissions, however they are confined to the individual workspaces.


  • Can add & delete workspace members as well as change permissions of other members

  • Can add & delete sources

  • Can rename the workspace

  • Can delete the workspace


  • Can add, edit and delete sources in the workspace 


  • Can add and edit sources in the workspace 


  • Can view files in sources that are shared in the workspace 

If you are using workspaces to collect a source, invite the custodian with the permission level to Edit. For outside counsel, invite your users with permission to Edit or View.

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