Onna allows users to set up a free trial account for up to 30 days. This article will show you how to upgrade your Onna "Pay As You Go" account before the trial period ends. You have the option to pay immediately with a credit card or submit a quote for a purchase order. 

To upgrade your trial account, the account holder must update the billing information. 

Note: The account holder is the original user that created the account.

Account holders should first head to the My Plan button at the top right corner of your dashboard as indicated below.

A slider will appear at the right hand side of the screen where you will see your plan metrics including: the number of days left in your trial, the volume of processed data, the number of connected sources, and the number of active users. At the bottom of the slider, you will see the option to Purchase a plan as indicated below.

Next you will be taken to our Upgrade your Plan Modal. You have the option to "Keep the data I have already synced." Please remember that your trial data will be removed if you select "Delete my account," or do not select the option to Keep the data I have already synced. Next, you can upgrade to our Signup paid plan by clicking Go to Payment. To learn more about pricing view our Pricing page.

This will take you to our Signup Plan Billing Information window where you can enter your Contact Information, Company information and credit card information. You also have the option to add a separate contact for billing information or technical contact. Once your information is entered you can Review and Confirm.

Before confirming your purchase you will get your signup confirmation window. If you are satisfied with the information you can click Confirm and pay.

Upgrade your plan with a quote

For those who need to submit a purchase order, you have the option to generate a quote. 

Choose the number of connected sources for your annual plan. At the bottom of the subscription modal, click Create quote. Once you have confirmed the number of connected sources in your plan, click Save quote.

Before confirming your quote, remember to check the Master Service Agreement. Click Confirm quote.

You will receive an invoice via email for download. 

Note: Your Enterprise Discovery plan will only be available once payment is made.

Adjust your plan

After upgrading your Onna plan, you have the option to add more connected sources at any time. To do so, click on My Plan to open the slider menu with you plan metrics. At the bottom of the window you will see the option to Adjust your plan.

Your plan subscription will pop up and you will have the option to Adjust your plan and buy more connected sources. 

Note: You can purchase up to 100 connected sources for an Enterprise Discovery plan. For plans with 100+ connected sources, please contact us.

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