Onna's Enterprise Discovery plan allows you to quickly collect and process data sources while collaborating with other users. Onna accounts include granular permission levels from the platform level to the workspace level in order to maintain the security of your data at all times. 

In this article, we'll discuss how to add additional users to your Onna account, how to manage user accounts, and how to invite users to individual workspaces and share data so you can confidently and securely collaborate with users.

Invite Users to your Enterprise Discovery account

First, you will need to invite users to your Enterprise Discovery account in order to share individual workspaces or data sources. 

From the My Onna menu, click User Management under the Admin panel. This navigates to a list of members in your organization. From here click on the add user icon in the top right corner:

Once you've added your user(s) email addresses, click the Invite to Onna button to add them as a user to your organization.

Note: New members are added with the User role. You can manage individual roles in the User management page once they are added.

Onna User Permissions: Onna offers four user based roles: Account Manager, Admin, User, Guest.

Note: The Account Manager is the original user that created the Onna account.

Account Holder

  • Original user that created the Onna account
  • Can add & delete Onna users as well as change user permissions of other users
  • Can upgrade or cancel the Onna account
  • Can edit billing details


  • Can add and delete Onna members as well as change permissions of other members


  • Can create workspaces
  • Can add data sources to a workspace 


  • Can view files in sources that are shared in the workspace 

If you are using workspaces to collect a source, update the custodian's role as a User. For outside counsel, update your users' roles as a User or Guest.

Add, Manage, or Delete Onna Users 

Account Manager and Admin users can add additional users or manage user permissions at any time. To add or delete users or manage permissions, head to the My Onna menu and click User management under the Admin Panel. 

In the User management page, you can view current users in your Onna account as well as their role, special permissions, and user groups.

To manage user roles click on the user's current role and select a new role from the listed values:

Special permissions allow a user to perform actions their assigned role would normally not allow them to do. A list of the special permissions are:

  • Audit logs - allows user to view the user audit logs
  • Manage custom fields - allows user to add and remove custom fields
  • Manage groups - allows users to add and remove user groups

To edit a user's special permissions, click on the dropdown icon and select any number of permissions you want the user to have:

User groups permit admins to group together a specific set of users. This functionality allows Onna users to assign entire groups to Workspaces or sources. To create a new group, select the group icon in the top right corner:

This displays the new group modal. Here you can specify the group name and add any existing Onna users to the group. If you need the group to be restricted to only group members, it can be marked as a secret group.

The final feature of user management is the ability to lock or delete users. 

  • Locking a user - the user will not be able to log into the Onna application, but will retain the user's credentials and information. A user can be unlocked at a later time.
  • Deleting a user - this completely removes users and their information from the Onna application. This includes sources and files they configured. If the user needs to gain access to the application at a later date, they will need to be invited and set up again.

To lock a user from the application, click on the user's lock icon:

To unlock the user simply click on the lock icon again.

To delete the user click on the remove icon:

When clicked the application will first ask for confirmation before completely removing the user.

Invite Onna Users to a Workspace 

Once you create a workspace, you have the option to invite Onna users to that workspace to collaborate and drive productivity.

Note: Only active users in Onna can share files, collect from connected sources, or join Workspaces. A new user must validate their account after receiving their invitation via email. Once they’ve activated their Onna account, the new users can share files, collect data from connected sources, or join Workspaces.  

To share a Workspace with users, head to the Workspace and click the add users icon at the top right hand corner as shown below.

This will open the Workspace user modal where you can invite current users in your Onna account as shown below.

Note: If you have not invited a user to your Onna account you cannot invite them to a Workspace.

Workspace User Viewing Permissions: There are four User permission types within Onna Workspaces: Manage, Edit, Contribute and View. 

Note: The Workspace user permission mirror the Onna User permissions, however they are confined to the individual workspaces.


  • Can add & delete workspace members as well as change permissions of other members
  • Can add & delete sources
  • Can rename the workspace
  • Can delete the workspace


  • Can add, edit and delete sources in the workspace 


  • Can add content and sources in workspace


  • Can view files in sources that are shared in the workspace 

If you are using workspaces to collect a source, invite the custodian with the workspace permission level to Edit. For outside counsel, invite your users with permission to Edit, Contribute or View.

To edit user workspace permissions, remove, or add additional users go into the Workspace user modal and click Manage Members. From here you can click on their role to select a new one or remove them from the workspace:

Any Onna user you add to a workspace will have access to any data within that workspace. 

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