Onna's  "Pay As You Go" plan is our self-service e-discovery and collection platform.  "Pay As You Go" allows for faster collections and one-time discovery projects that scale up with your needs. You can cancel at anytime during your paid plan or before your 30 day free trial ends.

Cancel your "Pay As You Go" Account

The Account holder of your  "Pay As You Go" account is the only user that can cancel your trial account. 

Note: The Account holder is the original user that created the account.

To cancel your account, head to the My Plan menu by clicking My Plan in the upper right section.

Your plan metrics will appear on the slider to the right of your dashboard. For trial users, click Purchase a plan to open your subscription settings. For paid plan users, click the Adjust plan button as shown below. This will open a modal with your subscription details.

An additional modal will appear to confirm that you'd like to cancel your trial or paid plan. Please remember canceling your account will remove your data from Onna.

To confirm deleting your account including your data sources click, Yes, delete account and data. You can then confirm your request by clicking, Yes, delete account.

You will see a confirmation image on the screen and an email. 

We're sorry to see you go!

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