Saving a Workspace as a template allows you to replicate workspace custom fields, folder structure, and workspace participants to minimize time building out your workspaces. This is particularly helpful if you will frequently be using the same settings across many workspaces.

Save your Workspace as a Template

First, click the ellipses icon on the top right-hand side of your Workspace for more options as indicated below. Click the ellipses to expand a drop down menu. 

In the drop down menu, you have additional editing options for your Workspace. Click Save as template as indicated below.

Onna will give you a notification that the Workspace has been saved as a template as indicated below.

Create a Workspace using an existing template

Once you have save your Workspace as a template you can replicate that template's folder path and user participants for any new Workspaces.

To create a new workspace with a saved template, head to the menu on the left-hand side and click Workspaces. You can also click the "add" icon next to Workspaces in the menu to access the Add New Workspace modal. 

As you create your new workspace, you will see the option to use an existing template at the bottom of the modal. The dropdown menu will allow you to use a saved workspace template as indicated below.

After choosing your existing template you can select which fields to replicate in your new workspace. Here, we have decided to replicate the folder structure and workspace participants. Click Add to create your new Workspace.

When you open your new Workspace you will see your saved folder structure and invited users already included in your template. Your Workspace is now ready to use!

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