Add Onna Users to a Workspace 

Once you create a workspace, you have the option to invite Onna users to that workspace to collaborate and drive productivity.

Note: Only active users in Onna can share files, collect from connected sources, or join Workspaces. A new user must validate their account after receiving their invitation via email. Once they’ve activated their Onna account, the new users can share files, collect data from connected sources, and join Workspaces.  

To share a Workspace, head to the Workspace and click on the ellipsis at the top right hand corner. From the pop up menu click on the share icon.

This will open the Workspace user modal where you can invite current users or groups in your Onna account as shown below.

Once an Onna user is invited to join a workspace, that user becomes a member of the workspace. 

Workspace Member Permissions

There are three member permission types within Onna Workspaces: Manage, Edit, View. 

Note: The Workspace member permissions mirror the Onna user permissions, however they are confined to the individual workspaces.


  • Can add & delete workspace members as well as change permissions of other members
  • Can add & delete sources
  • Can rename the workspace
  • Can delete the workspace
  • Can add, edit and delete custom fields
  • Can edit tags and comments


  • Can add, edit and delete sources in the workspace
  • Can edit tags, comments and custom fields 


  • Can add content and sources in workspace


  • Can view files in sources that are shared in the workspace 

Viewing or Changing Member Permissions

From the same modal you can also select 'Manage members' at the bottom left hand corner. This will show you a list of the existing members in the workspace as well as their permissions. 

To view the members that were included in a group click on the arrow next to the group name. All members listed will have the same access set at the group.

From this screen you can change permissions or remove members by using the dropdown. 

Note: Any Onna user you add to a workspace will have access to, at very least, view any data within that workspace.

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