Exporting a basic search

Once you have basic search results you want to export, click the ellipsis on the right-hand side of the search bar to expand the menu

Select 'Export search' to be taken through the export configuration workflow. You can also select 'Save search query' to save and decide to export later. 

Other options on the menu include:

  • Saving and sharing the current search query

  • Loading a previously saved search 

  • Copying current search results to a folder

  • Mass-tagging current search results (note: this also includes mass-adding custom fields, but the ability to mass-remove custom fields is not yet available). 

Viewing and Downloading the Export:

A collection of your exports can be found by accessing the Export page on the global menu on the left-hand side.

The export page has been redesigned to give you a better user experience on viewing the details and status of your export.

Clicking the export name on the Exports page will take you into a detailed view to show you its current status.

An ellipse button has an option to view your configurations that you set for this export. The export will show you while it's in progress and when it's ready to download. You can also delete old exports from the Exports page.

To download an export click on the title link below Volumes to begin the export.

After 7 days an export will expire and will not be available to download. In the event, you still need to access the export click on the export title & click 'Re-enable download'. The export will now be available to download.

Exporting a Source

Find out more about exporting an entire source here

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