If you thought the May updates were great, you'll love what we've just released in June: two-step verification, new and special permissions, an updated audits log, and more. 

Two-Step Verification at the account level

As an admin, you may now require all users in your organization to utilize Two-Step Verification. To do so, navigate to your admin dashboard,  preferences, configuration, and 2-step verification. 

New and Special Permissions

A new permission type, Contributor, has been added. Admins may mark users as a Contributor, which only allows that person to add and view content. Contributors will not be allowed to edit or share files. 

We have also allowed Admins to give two new special permissions to users - Custom Fields and Audits. Previously, only Admins had access to add custom fields and view the audit logs. Admins can now grant special access to individual users to add custom fields and access the audit logs.

Audit Logs

Speaking of Audit Logs, we've implemented and new-and-improved audits console for admins that will display several user actions in the platform. Not all users' activities are displayed yet however we'll be enhancing these throughout the year.

Versioning Activation

In our last release, we added Versioning as a feature within Onna. Now, we've given admins the choice of whether or not to activate this feature. We've also added the name of the last user to each version. 

Dropbox Collection Enhancements

When collecting from Dropbox, the default setting will be to auto-sync all folders. You may now click configure to select which folders AND subfolders you'd like to sync, and what type of sync mode -- auto-sync or one-time sync. 

You will also have the option to sync any main folder created in the future, as well as any future subfolder belonging to a selected folder. 

See here for more information on collecting from Dropbox.

Workspace Updates

There will no longer be Secret and Private workspace types. Now, all workspaces will be set as Secret, and users may choose to share them with anyone else in the organization to collaborate. This includes a new feature where you may share a workspace with someone outside of your organization. 

You'll also notice a new Workspace Homepage. Workspaces will now be displayed in a table rather than in tiles.

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