This article will walk you through common issues with two-step verification and how to solve them. 

I don't have access to my verification app

Whether you're mobile device has run out of battery, is lost, or you don't have access to your verification app for any reason, you should use the Backup Keys provided to you during setup. 

If you did not save the Backup Keys provided to you during setup, you can sign into your verification app from a different device (i.e. another cell phone). If you do not have access to another device, you should contact your organization's Onna admin or for help. 

I did not enable two-step verification - how do I disable it? 

If you're suddenly being told to setup two-step verification when logging into Onna, It may be the case that your organization's admin has required two-step verification. If this is the case you will need to follow the instructions for enabling two-step verification. Contact your organization's admin for more details. 

If your organization's admin did not require two-step verification, you can find the instructions for disabling here

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