After collecting information into Onna, you may wish to put certain data on legal hold. Within Onna, you may put entire sources on legal hold or all sources that have been added by a specific user on legal hold. 

This is particularly helpful for retaining information that would otherwise be removed from Onna due to mirror syncs and retention policies (i.e. Slack Enterprise data). This means that, regardless of any retention policies set, information put on legal hold within Onna will remain in Onna until you decide to remove it. 

Note: To access the Source Hold option you must have admin-level permissions within Onna.

Enabling Source Hold

To get started with Source Hold in Onna, your admin must navigate to Admin Preferences and then Advanced Functionalities within the Configuration section to enable Source Hold. 

Creating a Source Hold

To create a source hold, navigate to the source Hold section found within the menu on the left-hand side.

Next, select  'Add source hold,' give your legal hold a name, and click 'Next'

The list of users that appear in the list of users with accounts in Onna. To put a specific source on hold, chose the user who is the owner of that source.
You can also upload a CSV file with the email addresses of the users you would like to collect.

Note: The CSV file should not include column headers. The CSV file should only have one column that includes the email addresses of the users as seen below.

You may also choose to put all sources that a user owns on hold as well. 

Finally, choose the sources that the user has added that you would like to place on legal hold. The list of sources is separated by source type and clicking on them expands the list of sources for that particular source type. Once you are ready with your selection click Done. 

This brings you back to the Legal Holds page where your newly created legal hold is now listed. Clicking on your legal hold brings up more information that includes:

  • Total files - total number of files

  • Total Data - total size of the files

  • Started on - date and time the legal hold started

  • Finished on - date and time the legal hold was set to finish

  • Users selected - Onna users selected to be put on legal hold

  • Sources selected - data sources selected to be put on legal hold

You can also view what files are on hold by clicking View hold sources or download an audit by clicking Download audit in CSV. The audit CSV contains system logs of files added to the source(s) since the legal hold started.

If the user tries to delete a source that is on legal hold, they will find the Delete option has been disabled.

If the user tries to delete a workspace that contains a source in a legal hold, they receive a "Failed to delete workspace" notification.

When a source is under legal hold, new files can still be added to the source. If an updated file replaces an existing file, the new updated file is synced and the previous version(s) of that file are tracked. See our file versioning guide for more information.

When viewing a source, if it is unclear if the source is under legal hold you can find that information by viewing the source's detail panel:

To end a legal hold, you must return to the Legal Hold section and end that legal hold manually. This is done by clicking on Finish:

Once you confirm the source hold will have a status of Finished. The source is now like any other source and can be deleted if needed.

If you wish to completely remove the source hold you can click on its red trash icon. This removes the listed source hold and any audit information related to it. This does not delete the sources within the source hold.


Can you delete workspaces that include the source on legal hold?

No, you cannot delete a workspace unless the source is finished or deleted from the legal hold.

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