Smart alerts allow you to send notifications or label documents every time you get a match for search criteria.  The alert will be triggered by new data being added to your account that matches the criteria you set.

Note: This feature is for enterprise users only.

Steps to create a smart alert
To create your first alert click on Smart Alerts within the menu on the left-hand side. 

Click on ‘add a Smart alert’ at the bottom of the page.

Provide the following information for the alert:

Alert Name - Name of alert

Description -  Description of alert

Source or Workspace - Location where the alert will run against. The alert can run against sources, workspaces, or everywhere.

Search in - Field that the alert will run against. The alert can search in the following fields text context, file name, person, or tag.

Matches - The value you wish to search against for the field you selected.

Then - Action that will be performed when there is a match for the criteria of the alert. The alert can add a tag to a file, email the user, notify the user within Onna, or share with the user. 

Once you have added the criteria for the alert you can click done. The alert will now be created and will automatically default to ON. Under 'Smart Alerts' you will now see the alert that was created and the current status of the alert (if the alert is on or off).

Steps to modify a smart alert

If you wish to modify the current criteria of the alert click on the alert name.

You can then update the various fields of the smart alert. Click done once you have finished updating the smart alert and the new criteria of the alert will be active.

Steps to delete a smart alert
To delete an alert go to Smart Alerts and click on the X on the right of the alert.

You will then be asked to verify if you wish to delete the alert. Click on the trashcan icon to confirm you want to delete the alert.

Smart Alerts FAQ
Can you add multiple emails in smart alerts?
Currently, only one email can be notified in a smart alert. Multiple smart alerts need to be created to notify multiple users. This feature request has been brought to the Onna product team.

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