Steps to enable versioning

As an admin, you will now be able to enable file versioning - this feature is exclusive for Onna Enterprise. To enable versioning navigate to the admin panel and click admin preferences. 

Select configuration and expand Advance functionalities, under Advanced functionalities you will see 'Versioning'. Click on the check box next to versioning to enable the functionality. 

Viewing file versions
Once enabled, click on a file, select "View Details" and you'll see a "History" tab.

Clicking on this tab will show you all previous versions of the file that have been synced, the date and time they were synced, and how many insertions/deletions were made from the previous version of the file. You can also compare versions of the file by viewing the extracted text and clicking the View version differences.

Downloading Previous Versions
To download a previous version of the file open the view version differences panel and click on the version dropdown menu on the left. Select the version of the document you want to download and click on the download icon on the right.

Note: Additionally, the legal hold feature also stores versions of files once you have enabled the legal hold. By default, a max of 100 version files will be kept per resource. If on legal hold, there is no max.

With Versioning enabled anytime an updated version of the document is synced to Onna it will create a new version of that document in the version history. This does not apply to email sources.

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