Your Onna experience just got that much better — we're talking user groups, folder and sub-folder collection, and improvements to our advanced search functionality, just to name a few. Read on to see all the amazing updates we brought you this July.

Onna Homepage and Workspaces View

The first thing you'll notice we've upgraded this July is the views for your MyOnna page and Workspaces page. Before, both were listed in tile view. Now, they're displayed in a clean and organized list view for increased efficiency. 

User Groups

Admins now have the ability to create user groups from the user management page. The user group functionality will also also allow Onna users to assign groups to Workspaces.

Custom Field Metrics and Propagation

Admins will now be able to see metrics on the “Manage custom field page” to quickly see whether a custom field is used or not. This will allow for better management of custom fields. 

Another exciting custom fields upgrade is propagation. Custom fields set at the workspace level can now automatically be propagated at the files level within the workspace. This setting can be configured in your Admin Panel in the 'Custom fields' section:  

Folder and Sub-folder collections

Onna now allows you to collect from folders and sub-folders in Dropbox Business as well as Microsoft OneDrive. This allows for a more thorough and organized search experience.  Below is an example of what this will look like for Dropbox Business:

Advanced Search Improvements

Advanced search now allows users to add multiple search terms to the same row, rather than needing a separate row for each criteria. See below for an example: 

And there you have it! That's all our product updates for July. Be sure to check back in for more updates in August, and in the meantime, keep up with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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