As the end of August rolls around, it's time to catch you up on all you missed while you were on vacation. A new and improved Admin Panel, collecting suspended users in Dropbox Enterprise, and some helpful interface changes are just a few of the many things we've been working on. Read on for all of Onna's fantastic August updates. 

New Admin Panel

If you're an admin you may have noticed a few more items have been added to your menu. Plus, no more tricky dropdown (yay!) Now, everything you need as an admin is easily accessible from your menu. 

Another change you'll notice when looking through your new admin panel is easier access to enable sources and enterprise sources (conveniently listed in alphabetical order) within Admin Preferences. 

User Groups within Workspaces

Back in July, we released the functionality to create user groups in Onna. Now, within workspaces, we've made it easy to see where members of that workspace are getting access from. For example: If someone is part of a user group and a workspace is shared with that group, the group itself will now show up as a member of the workspace instead of all of the individual users. If you still want to see the individuals of that group, the group can be expanded. 

Dropbox Enterprise Enhancements

If you have a lot (and we mean, a lot) of employees using Dropbox, you'll love this update. Before, collecting from a lot of users' folders meant a long load time. Now, we've cut that load time in half so you can see all users' folders within your Dropbox Enterprise environment as quickly as possible. 

Also, admins now have the ability to collect information from suspended users in Dropbox. 

And there you have it! That's all of Onna's August product updates. Be sure to check back in for more updates in September, and in the meantime, keep up with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter

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