Admins have the ability to view audit logs within Onna. The audit logs will show users’ actions such as adding/deleting sources, syncing errors, viewing documents and sharing.

Steps to access audit logs
To access the Onna audit logs click on the main menu button located on the top left corner.

Navigate to the bottom of the admin panel and select audit logs.

Each column displayed on the audit logs page is available to be sorted in ascending  or descending order.

Below is a list of events that can be found in the Onna application logs:

Onna application logs FAQ

How far back are application logs available?
Currently in Onna only the previous 24 hours will be available to view. A request can be made to to export logs for a specific time range.

How do I see when a user last logged in to Onna if it's been over 24 hours?
Similar to the above question, cases like this Onna support can provide the relevant information.


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