Admins have the ability to view audit logs within Onna. The audit logs will show users’ actions such as adding/deleting sources, syncing errors, viewing documents, and sharing.

Steps to access audit logs
To access the Onna audit logs click on the main menu button located on the top left corner.

Navigate to the bottom of the admin panel and select audit logs.

On the audit log page, each column displayed can be sorted in ascending or descending order. A filter is available in the top right corner to narrow down the results.

Clicking on ‘Add a filter’ will open a drop-down that allows you to select various filters.

The action filter will display the log for any action performed by a user within the Onna application or the sync status for the data source. Below is a list of actions available to select:

  • Access

  • Add

  • Create

  • Delete

  • Enable

  • Manage

  • Share

  • Sync

  • Update

  • View

The filter will group together related codes into the below categories:

  • Custom field

  • File

  • Info

  • Login

  • Retention policy

  • Source

  • Workspace

Displays the list of codes found in the audit logs. Below is a list of events that can be found in the Onna application logs:

Users can select a date range that they would like to display for audit logs. To manually set a date range click 'Custom' & a calendar will pop up.

IP Address
A list of the users IP address that can be manually provided or selected from the dropdown

When selecting the ‘time’ filter you can set the date by clicking on Today. Users can then select a time range that they would like to display audit logs.

Audit log records can fall into the below types:

  • Error

  • Info

  • Success

A user name can be manually provided or selected from the dropdown list. 


How long are audit logs available?

Application audit logs are available for at least 180 days.

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