When syncing a Google Workspace account or Microsoft O365 Outlook account, any email accounts you select are set up as separate sources within Onna. Searching across all these email accounts at once requires additional setup when conducting your queries.

First navigate to a list of all your datasource files by clicking in the search bar and hitting enter. This returns all files from all datasources. Next you will need to use a filter to conduct your search. The filter option you want to enable is Source Name:

Once the filter is saved click on the checkboxes for each account you would like to search:

With the email account filters in place your basic searches will now match files to all the selected accounts.

To use advanced search with multiple email accounts we need to take advantage of conditional groups with OR conditions. Begin by clicking Add Group:

This allows us to set up multiple search conditions with an OR statement. Next select the Resource field Parent source name and use a contains condition that includes the name of one of the email source accounts. Add another Parent source name contains condition with an additional email source account by clicking on Add Condition with OR selected:

You can repeat this process until you have all the targeted email accounts you want to search. After adding a few your query may start looking similar to this:

Next for the actual search term click on Add Condition outside of the group you just created:

From here you can start your search across all the accounts. For example if you want to find the term "contract" within multiple accounts you can use where the Metadata field Extracted text contains contract:

Note: If you know all the datasource accounts you want to search begin with a specific pattern then only one Parent source name contains condition is required. For example if all the targeted sources are formatted with Microsoft | <email address> then using where Parent source name contains Microsoft | will still search across all the accounts.

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