If you export Slack messages based on a search, you may want more context surrounding your results.  Exporting neighboring Slack conversations adds other Slack messages that were not included in the search but occurred around the targeted conversations. To achieve this while exporting select Advanced export and click Configure:

Select the Metadata fields you want to include and click Next. The next step provides more advanced configuration features for the export. To include more context surrounding the searched Slack conversations you can toggle the field Include neighboring Slack conversation to Yes:

Turning this option on allows surrounding conversations within the same channel or personal message thread to be included in the export. For example if 3 days before and after is selected, Slack messages that occurred within 3 days before or after the targeted conversation are included in the export. When using this feature there are a few options:

  • 1 day before and after

  • 3 days before and after

  • 5 days before and after

  • 10 days before and after

  • Custom - can specify X amount of days before and after

Note: When choosing the amount of days for before and after, the days selected are measured in hours. For example, if you have a conversation that happened on 11/6 at 10:00am and you selected one day, you will get the following conversations for context:

  • Conversations that started after 11/5 10:00am

  • Conversations that started before 11/7 10:00am

Even if the contextual conversations happened on the correct days, they still need to fit within the timeframe to be included in the export.

When you have your advanced export settings configured click Next. Here you can review what you selected. When you are finished reviewing click Done to start the export process. 

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