Copying Files To Folder

When in the search results view of your source, click on the three dots to open the search results action menu:

Next select the option Copy results to folder:

The next window gives you a few options on where to copy the files. You can copy files to My sources, Shared with me, Workspaces

Once you make your selection you can scroll through any existing subfolders within the category, Once you make your selection click Copy here to complete.

After you confirm the copy you will get a notice at the bottom of the page that the copy has started.

Note: While the copy is in progress do not make modifications to the source itself (such as deleting it) or making changes to the folder being copied to. This can cause a disruption in the copy process and will result in errors.

If you click into the folder being copied to you will start to see files populating the folder. Refreshing the browser and seeing the total number of files increasing in that folder will inform you of its progress towards completion.

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