Users who have to manage permissions to sources in Onna have the ability to view source audit logs. The source audit logs will show when a resource was collected & processed into Onna.

Steps to access audit logs
To view the source audit logs, navigate to a source and click on the information icon on the top right. This will display the information panel.

Scroll down on the information panel and click 'Audits'.

You will be directed to the source audit page where you can provide the date & time range for the source logs by clicking on the calendar button within the 'From' & 'To' fields. Once you have provided the date & time range click on 'Show logs.

The collection logs will display when a resource was uploaded and synced into Onna. A unique ID will be shown for each resource synced into Onna as well as the file name. The unique ID can be used in the search bar to retrieve the resource mentioned in the logs. In the event, a resource can not be collected an error will appear in the logs and the related ID for the resource will be provided. The source collection logs will also display if a resource was deleted from the original source or was deleted in Onna due to the retention policy set at the source.

Clicking on the 'Processing' tab will display when a resource started and completed processing into Onna. Only the file name is provided under the source processing logs. In the event a resource can not process into Onna an error message will be logged.


How do I see additional information on why a resource resulted in an error?
In the event that you require additional information on why a resource could not be synced into Onna please submit a ticket or email

We are currently adding additional error messages in the collection logs to assist users in determining why a resource could not be collected. 

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