Files don't always process successfully. When this happens Onna provides a processing exception to help determine the problem. Processing exceptions can be found by enabling it within the search filter. Common processing exceptions and their descriptions can be found below:

  • Has Error - Catch all for file contains an error and is unable to process. Error may be found in the source's audit logs, or if it's not available Onna support can investigate further.

  • No Text Content - the file does not have any text for processing. Most common with image files.

  • Excluded - file was intentionally excluded from processing. This can happen if the file extension is not supported (e.g. jar, exe, ico, dll)

  • File over size limit (2.0GB) - files sizes that are over two gigabytes are not processed. However these are still available for download

  • Large Text Truncated - text in the file is too long and needs to be truncated.

  • Download Error - Unable to download file. Usually happens if credentials have insufficient permissions to retrieve the file.

  • Encrypted Document - file is encrypted and cannot be opened for processing

  • Messages with text body too large - Zendesk ticket files only. If message length in ticket is greater than 10,000 characters, message will be truncated.

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