Have you been missing our product updates? Well, no need to wait any longer! We have updated our release notes format from monthly release notes to quarterly. Here are the Q1 Product Quarterly Release Notes which will tell you everything that is new and improved in Onna!. As always, we welcome your feedback, or if you have questions or require support you can email support@onna.com


New Features 

Authorized Connections
Admin users can now share source credentials that have been created with other admin users. For now, only Slack enterprise and Dropbox business credentials are saved as an authorized connection. Progressively, all enterprise source credentials will be saved.

Mirroring Native Folder Structure

Dropbox, Dropbox Business, and Quip Enterprise sources that are synced to Onna will keep their native folder structure to improve navigability and search experience. Additional sources coming soon!

Audit Log Filtering
Admins, or users with access to audit logs, may now filter audit log messages by user, activity, date, time, etc.  to better understand activity on the platform. 

Editing and Mass-Removing Tags
You can edit a tag and propagate the tag to all files for which you have the edit permission. You can also remove a tag from all files. Once you’ve tagged files, see the toaster that appears below for all files that weren’t tagged due to lack of permissions 

Integration Enhancements

We’re excited to announce that we’re enabling the ability to add GSuite sources within workspaces with a redesigned flow. GSuite will no longer be found in the admin dashboard. Instead, the GSuite collection is created from the “User Dashboard” and is only visible to the user with the admin role.

Quip Enterprise
First, Quip Enterprise has been moved from the Admin Panel into the overall list of sources, so Quip Enterprise sources can now be added directly to workspaces. Next, The collection flow has been enhanced to allow hosted URLs. The host name can be left blank if your site is on quip.com. Can now select specific Quip folders during collection. As noted above, Onna will now mirror Quip Enterprise folder structure

Other Important Updates

Onna Logo 

  • New company logo (as shown above)!

  • New design enhancements throughout the platform

Audit Log Messaging

  • Improved with more clear and informative messages

View Your Permission 

  • By clicking the details panel, users may now view the permission they have on the workspace, a specific folder or file

Service accounts can ignore the SSO only setting 

  • Service accounts can access our API even when “SSO only” is enabled for the account

  • Reach out to your Success Manager to set up a service account 

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