Onna's exports are review tool-agnostic and can be configured in a variety of ways. Below we've outlined some of the topics we cover most frequently about exports.

Maintaining Your Numbering Scheme over Multiple Exports

Below is a suggestion on how to maintain your numbering scheme.

To maintain the numbering scheme over multiple exports, in the Advanced Export section under Document numbering make sure to update the start number to the next incremental value of the export. Another option is to use a new Document Prefix value for the new export.

Maintain a Record of the Export Settings

To record all of the Advanced settings from the "Export Configuration: Metadata" screen and the "Export Configuration: Package" and reuse the same configuration for future exports we suggest creating an export template in Onna.

Cross Referencing Documents from the Export

To cross-reference the already exported data with what is in Onna, you can reference the File ID field from the export to search.

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