Our Q2 Product Quarterly Release Notes will tell you everything that is new and improved in Onna. As always, we welcome your feedback, and if you have questions or require support you can email support@onna.com


New Features

Onna Preservation

Preservation in Onna allows you to retain data from specific users while letting other data exit Onna through your normal retention settings.

Preservation can also be used to search across your sources to gather data from specific users. For Slack, this will retain conversations (channels and direct messages) that the user is a member of and their attachments.

You could apply Preservation to your existing Slack Archives to gather information related to specific custodians.

Export Slack single message
We have added the possibility to export Slack single messages to ease the redaction process during the export flow.

Other Important Updates

Authorized Connections
In the first quarter, we introduced Authorized Connections which allows Admin users to share source credentials that have been created with other admin users. We have now added support for Box Enterprise, Google Suite, and Quip Enterprise. Additionally, you can now store and share Authorizations without needing to create a source.

Mirroring Native Folder Structure
GSuite, Sharepoint, Quip and Quip Enterprise sources that are synced to Onna will keep their native folder structure to improve navigability and search experience. Additional sources coming soon!

New Search Modifiers

You can now search with “is:___” with “is:attachment” or “is:archived”

  • is:archived : Search elements deleted in origin but preserved in Onna

  • is:attachment : Search elements that are attachments of other resources. This applies to email attachments or files that have been extracted from a zip.

New Audit Log Entries

  • There is now a special audit log entry for when a user adds a data source with a shared Authorized Connection.

Performance Improvements

  • Google Drive collection: The Google Drive collection now supports parallelization which will improve syncing speeds.

  • Box sync speed improvements

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