The Smart Action Dashboard displays the list of all of your Smart Actions.

From the dashboard, you can add new Smart Actions, view details around existing Smart Actions, edit a Smart Action, and navigate to the documents that matched the alert.

Smart Actions Table Fields:

  • Name: The Name of the Smart Action
  • Content Type: For Compliance Smart Actions, this lists the conditions selected for the alert. For Custom Smart Actions, this will list the search terms used to set up the search.
  • Severity: Label for Severity Level chosen when the Smart Action is set up.
  • Total Matches: The total hits for the Smart Action since its creation.
  • Last run time: The last time the smart action was run. Smart Actions run every 15-30 minutes.

View menu options for Smart Actions:

Open the contextual menu with a right click or with the 3 dots found on the right hand side of a Smart Action.

You will then have the ability to select the below menu options:

View Smart Action Details:

When viewing the general details of the smart action, you will see the following information listed:

  • Last run time
  • Severity level
  • Smart Action configuration
  • Email addresses that were added to the notification list
  • Frequency of notifications
  • Type of Smart Action

View Smart Action Files:

Click on a Smart Action to view the list of files that were identified as a match for the criteria set in your configured Smart Action.

Rename a Smart Action:

Once you click rename you will enter edit mode.

Hit “Enter” or select the “arrow” icon on the right hand side to confirm your changes.

Edit a Smart Action:

If you created a Compliance Smart Action you can adjust the conditions selected to trigger the alert. In addition you will have the option to adjust the notification type, email addresses, frequency, webhook, and severity.

Once you have made the required adjustments click Save to confirm your changes.

Note: Custom Smart Action will not have the option to edit the conditions that trigger the alert.

Copy a Smart Action:
Make a copy will create another Smart Action with the same conditions as the original. Clicking the option to Copy will open the following window where you can provide a name for the new Smart Action.

Delete a Smart Action:

In the event you need to remove a Smart Action select the option to 'Delete'.

After clicking Delete you will be asked to confirm the removal of the Smart Action.

You will then be prompted back to the Smart Action page.

Check out the other articles on Compliance for more details.

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