Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events from Onna. In the compliance case, you can receive a notification to your service anytime Onna finds a document that matches your smart action criteria. You can then use that information to populate external systems, such as a ticket tracking system.

An admin will need to setup the webhook in Admin Preferences first, before creating any Smart Actions.

Add a Webhook

To add a new webhook, navigate to the Admin Preferences > Compliance Tab and expand the webhooks section to add a new webhook.

When adding a webhook, you'll need to provide a name and url with the option to provide a secret.

Description of fields:

  • Payload URL: URL where Onna will be submitting a JSON payload with information about the matched resource
  • Secret (Optional): To ensure you are only validating events sent by Onna, you can share a random string (the secret) that will be used to compute a hash of the payload. This value will be sent to your service in the “x-onna-signature” header. Your service will calculate the hash using the same secret and ensure that both hashes match before accepting it.

Example payload:

"text": {
"url": "https://enterprise.onna.com/api/rel0/account1/@o/412c6578e7264325808bf262a23bce67",
"title": "Form of Shareholders Agreement Resources, Inc.pdf",
"created_by": "user@onna.com",
"created_on": "2020-07-08T21:41:17.470345+00:00",
"smartaction": {
"url": "https://enterprise.onna.com/api/rel0/account1/@o/742143cd366e4f928863bde76d09c5c0",
"title": "SSN Smartaction",
"created_by": "user@onna.com",
"created_on": "2020-06-18T14:42:14.687202+00:00"

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