The option to edit your Preservations in Onna can be accessed inside your Preservation space by clicking the three ellipses and selecting "Edit preservation" from the menu.

Edit Preservation Window

The Edit Preservation window will appear presenting you with the available options to edit.

Add People

You have the option to add or remove people from the preservation. Enter the names of the people manually, paste in their emails, or upload a CSV file to automatically populate the people you wish to add.

Set Period to Preserve

To set the preservation for any new content you have added you can enter your desired Start date and End date or leave it empty to preserve data continuously.

Once you have made your desired changes you can click Continue.

Select Type of content

You can add or remove sources to your Preservation. Sources will be separated by source type. To expand the list of sources available for a single source type click on the arrow found on the left hand side of the source type. A drop down will appear of the available sources ready for preservation. A filter is also available at the top of the window to quickly search for a source by name.

Note: Only sources ready for preservation will be displayed. Sources not displayed were created on a previous Onna version and cannot be preserved.

After the required changes have been made you can click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. You will be notified that your Preservation changes have been applied.

Note: Changes to the data being preserved may take some time to populate to the preservation space.

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