In Onna once you have added your custom fields you can use them with your basic searches. You can incorporate these fields and their custom values into your searches throughout the entire Onna platform.

How to Search using Custom Fields

To do this open the pull-down menu in the search bar and select Add Custom Field.

Add your custom field from the menu.

For Dropdown type Custom Fields, you can choose the value to add. Otherwise, type in the value to search.

You can incorporate multiple custom fields in your searches by selecting the Add Custom Field option under the previous selection and repeating the tasks for each custom field you wish to add your search.

Searching with Custom Fields in your Syntax

You can also incorporate your custom field searches directly in the search bar. Custom field operators begin with "CF-."

You can type that in your search bar and bring a pull-down menu of all available custom fields for you to select or you can manually type in your field name and any desired custom values along with the rest of your desired syntax.

For more information on searching in Onna you can view our article on Searching and View results in Onna.

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